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Since the early 1950s a prize for an annual cribbage match between the School and Past Pupils has been presented and called The Daniels Cup.  Although cribbage is not now one of the events, many have been added over the years to make this a year long tournament between current pupils and Old Blues.

Now the Cup is presented to the overall winner of matches which take place throughout the school year in; Badminton, Squash, Soccer, Hockey, Rowing, Golf and Cricket. In recent years, the result has been a close call and, on a number of occasions the Old Blues have just managed to retain the Cup because the overall results were tied.

Please contact Andy Dax if you wish to participate and we will let the respective organisers know. Ladies, please note, we would very much like to run girls events too.  If there is sufficient interest in Netball or Rounders, or anything else, we will approach the School to try to arrange a match for inclusion in the Daniels Cup - please contact Andy Dax asap.