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Daniels Cup Football - 2011/12

On a gorgeous Sunday morning the Old Blues reunited, with trophy in hand, to unleash a vast array of talent on the football field.

Although they spanned a decade of year groups, the whole squad had one common goal, victory. Upon arrival, we were quick to learn of the intimidating rumours flying around the school that the current 1st XI were one of the best the ‘Gaffer’ (Derek Cottrell) had seen for a while...

The first half of the game proved to be a dog fight, with both the Old Blues and School maintaining a good deal of possession in midfield but failing to create chances on goal. The combination of Griffths and Moszczynski in the middle of the park was a real force to be reckoned with, and it was from those two players that the Old Blues struck gold. In the commentary style of Alan Partridge, Sam Griffths had ‘a boot like a traction engine’.

As the second half got underway, fatigue set in. A quick set piece from the School outsmarted the Old Blues and they tied the game at 1–1. From that moment on, the School were persistent in their attacks, but valiant defending from Matt Andrews and Jonny Bell kept them away from our goal. Final score 1–1, Old Blues retain the trophy: mission accomplished.

GK: Nigel Jackson (2009) RB: Dunstan Tough (2000’s) CB: Matt Andrews (2011) CB: Matt Crouchman (c) (2007) LB: Jonny Bell (2007) RM: Sam Wareham (2010) CM: Tom Moszczynski (2008) CM: Sam Griffths (2007) LM: Chris Fajer (2000’s) ST: Ross McAdam (2010) ST: Ben Jones (2000’s)